It's been a while since my last post blog. In a mean time loads was happening. Except of big holidays, we had some collaborations and did a POP UP shop in Kentish Town/London. Also we were working on more styles to bring to the shop. As you can see we have more boys items then we had before. So you can find all of them already in the shop . Also we work more a newborn collection. Trying to stretch it a bit more. More items will come in few days/weeks. Also I am thinking to add toys to our shop. I introduce you later on. So as you can see, we've been really busy past few months. 
What about you? Are you getting ready for Christmas and still thinking what to buy for your little ones? Or are you nice and organized and everything is sorted already? Like to hear everything in a comments. 

TSF BY KATARINA cardigan, shoes


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