You saw this combination on Sunday in my inspiration post. So I wore it other day, just with little detail, which is instead of proper skirt I wore the top as a skirt. Just because now it's more comfy. All skirts have the band, which I need to wear it under my tummy. And just because all my t-shirts looks more like crop tops at the moment I choose to wear that strapless top as a skirt. I could wear it over my tummy and still could hide it under the t-shirt. Needs to be more creative with my clothes, otherwise nothing would fit me. 

Tuto  kombinaciu ste videli v nedelnajsom inspiracnom prispevku. Takze dalsi den som ju aj vyskusala, az na maly detail, ktorym je ze na miesto sukne som si obliekla top. Iba preto ze teraz je to pre mna pohodlnejsie. Vsetky sukne maju gumu ktoru musim mat pod bruchom. A pretoze vsetky moje tricka momentalne vyzeraju viac ako crop topy tak som sa rozhodla si obliect tento top bez ramienok ako suknu. Ziadna guma ma neobmedzovala co bolo super a mohla som si skryt vrch pod tricko. Momentalne musim byt trosku viac tvorivejsia s oblecenim, inak by som si uz nemala co obliect. 



  1. Simple chic! Love your stripes skirt.

  2. Dievcatko a uz o par tyzdnov. :))))


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