Every woman should start building their closets from the basics pieces. It's easy to make great combinations and they definitely lasts for long time. It's better to spent a bit more money for a quality basic pieces. 

White t-shirt - it doesn't matter if it's a crew neck, round neck or V-neck, it just need to fit. I prefer loose fit. It can be with the small detail, but if you want to like it and wear it for longer I recommend plain one. And except of white one, it's good to stock on black and grey as well. 

White shirt - it's similar story as a t-shirt. Great cut lasts for ever and I don't even mention the quality. Another color options are light blue and black. Also good staple piece for a more feminine style is a white or cream blouse. It's up to you which one you prefer. 

Classic jeans - some of us prefer slim jeans, some straight. There is so many option, but the most important is the fit. If they don't fit properly, whole outfit is ruined. Also the color option is up to you, in my closet is must have black and washed dark. 

Pencil skirt - for a dress up or dress down situation. So easy to wear and always looks amazing. Good choice is also in leather.

Little black dress - for any occasions and the best for situation when you are lost in your closet and on your mind is only one thought " There is nothing to wear ". With the perfect LBD you are always safe. Out there is so many options of LBD, it's up to you which one you choose. Just remember it's better to invest in classic cut. Lasts for ages and no one ever gonna guess when did you buy it. 

Leather jacket - last few years we see biker jackets everywhere. It's a must have. Great for every day options but even for a night out. Just find the perfect one. 
Also I would add as a must have jacket in the wardrobe Trench coat. In a beige or camel color you can wear it for long time and always looks great. 

Black pumps - every woman should own at least one pair of black leather pumps. 

Everyday bag - tote in black is my option for everyday. But also I like to carry around big ones. So I can fit everything in and don't need to bother with another one hanging on my shoulder. It's up to you which one you choose, but bare in mind, keep it simple and minimal when it comes to details. 

Make-up - all of us has different make-up routine. For upcoming summer is better to keep it simple. I always wear sun protection cream under foundation. And with simple touch of mascara you ready to go in summer. Sun needs to touch your skin as well. 



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