Thursday, 17 April 2014


Winter is over, hope so, and I decided to do a big changes. Hope you will like it. I've been thinking about it for quite while now. I've been traveling for years, sometimes I felt like a Nomad, but it gave me a lot and built my personality to a person as I am now. Except of that, it gave me a lot in style wise as well. From each trip I brought some new pieces, but after few years of browsing and going through different styles and shapes I settled in one direction which suits me the best. Many times happen that I couldn't find what I was looking for or dreaming of,  so this winter I decided to start my own clothing label. For the beginning I offer my clothes which I already owns for sale, but also adding my own pieces already, which are handmade - to be exact hand knitted. And slowly I'll be adding more clothes from my own collection. I want to make it in a good quality, ready to wear for everyone and everyday, but in affordable prices. Hope you will like it. For now check out my newly open online store on STORENVY.  Please if you have any difficulties to check it online or any issues with the orders let me know. I'll do everything to make you happy. 


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