Do you experience colder days in your countries as well? Here in London it's pretty chilly again. But spring is officially here and as we getting off the layers and putting on lighter clothes I thought it's time for a body spring detox as well. I try to live like that most of the year, but for the most people it's a spring when they start. So here are few of my tips to get it right and works for me.

1. Drink loads of clear water ( I know you know that, but you can add lemon juice, to speed up the process )  the best time is before meals, it makes you full faster
2. Eat loads of vegetable and fruit ( but if you want to loose weight don't eat the fruit after 3pm, it's still natural sugar )
3. Try to eat every 2-3 hours small meals ( at the beginning it's hard, set up the alarm, but later your body gets use to it and it becomes your normal routine ) 
4. Wherever you go take a healthy snack with you, so later you wont over eat.
5.  Cooked, larger meals are better for lunch then for a dinner, your body has plenty of time to burn it. 

It's not much, but it's basic to get it started. Anyway it's hard to follow long lists of the rules. This is easy to remember and follow.  Good start for a healthier life.

Tiez zazivate chladnejsie dni? Tu v Londyne je znova celkom chladno. Ale aj tak tu mame oficialne jar a ako sa postupne zbavujeme vrstiev tak som si myslela ze je to ten spravny cas na jarnu ocistu tela. Ja sa pokusam zit podla toho vacsinu roka, nie vzdy sa dari, ale pre vacsinu ludi je prave jar tym spravnym obdobim.  Takze tu je pre vas par mojich tipov aby ste zacali spravne a co funguje u mna.

1. Pite dostatok cistej vody ( viem ze to viete, ale mozte pridat citronovu stavu na urychlenie detoxikacneho procesu ) najlepsie je pit vodu pred jedlom, rychlejsie vas zasyti
2. Jedzte vela zeleniny a ovocia ( ale ak sa chcete zbavit prebytocnych kilogramov s ovocim budte opatrni po 15.00, stale je to prirodny cukor, ktory sa uklada na nezelanych miestach )
3. Pokuste sa jest kazde 2-3 hodiny male jedla ( na zaciatku je to velmi tazke, mozno si budete musiet nastavit budik, ale neskor sa vam to stane kazdodennou rutinou a vase telo si bude pravidelne pytat jedlo )
4. Kdekolvek idete vezmite si so sebou nieco zdrave na zahryznutie, takze neskor sa nebudete prejedat.
5. Varene, vacsie jedlo je dobre jest na obed nie na veceru, vase telo ma dostatok casu na stravenie a vyuzitie energie. 

Nieje toho vela, je to len taky zaklad. Ale kto chce nasledovat dlhy list pravidiel? Toto je lahke si zapamatat a nasledovat. Dobry zaciatok na zdravsi zivot.


  1. It's chilly here too! Even though I live in Corsica... Hopefully the weather will cet better this weekend !

  2. Hey Katarina! Great post! I need to add 4 and 5 to my list for sure…
    I know exactly what you mean about colder days…especially in the UK. It can be spring one day and snowing a blizzard the next! I hope spring is definitely on the way for you. x d



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