As I mentioned in previous post you don't need to change completely your style when you are pregnant. It's true that clothes are getting tighter, jacket is harder to zip up and to close the button on the jeans I had to use the hair band,  but I try to keep it still simple and the same as I am used to. On that picture you can see my tummy showing already. Half way through. Next few months I'll go bigger and bigger. 

Ako som uz spominala v predchadzajucom prispevku, nemusis uplne zmenit svoj styl ked si tehotna. Je pravda ze oblecenie sa nejak "scvrkava", bundu je tazsie zapnut a aby som si zapla gombik na rifliach musela som pouzit gumku do vlasov, ale stale sa pokusam udrzat si svoj vlastny jednoduchy styl na aky som zvyknuta. Na tejto fotke uz mozte vidiet ako sa mi zvacsuje brucho. Uz som v polovici a nasledujucich par mesiacov uz len budem rast a rast. 

GATE jacket/ ZARA jeans/ H&M sweater/ LEE COOPER trainers


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