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As the cold hid the London I am trying to stay warm. Everyone taking out their thick woolen coats and parkas.  Wearing such a thick parka, is really good, I need to put less underneath. Especially when I go to shops and need to move around. And outside keeps me nice and warm.
I know I having silly pictures, always with a big smile, but to keep serious face when my boyfriend taking pictures is impossible. No, I don't want say I laugh at him, he just makes me smile. And I can't stay still either.
What is your favorite winter coat?
P.S.1 That was outfit when I went shopping on previous post.
P.S.2 Thanks for all your comments.

 Odkedy zima zautocila na Londyn, snazim sa zostat v teple. Vsetci vyberaju hrube vlnene kabaty a parky. S takou hrubou parkou ako je tato je to uplne bez problemov, a ma to svoje vyhody, mozem si menej obliect pod nu. Specialne ked idem do obchodov a potrebujem sa hybat.  A vonku mi je krasne teplucko.
Viem ze mam zvlastne fotky, vzdy s obrovskym usmevom, ale zachovat si vaznu tvar ked ma foti priatel je nemozne. Nie, nemyslim ze je na smiech, on ma vie vzdy rozosmiat. A ja tiez ani trochu nepostojim.
Aky je vas oblubeny zimny kabat?
P.S. Toto je outfit ze predchadzajuceho uryvku ked som bola na nakupoch.


 What I was wearing

BENCH parka
LEVI'S jeans
H&M shirt
CLARKS shoes
SCARF from Turkey


  1. Lovely scarf!

  2. lovely lovely scarf! love it

  3. These photos are so positive! I really like them!)
    You asked me about my nail polish, I've bought it from Watsons cosmetic store, name is Pastel (#80). But I'm afraid this is can be found just in Turkey. Anyway you can try other deep burgundy colors!

  4. love the parka! and I'm dying for a a lovely patterned scarf like this!
    Grace X

  5. takyto spravny komentar aky si nechala na mojom blogu sa cita len raz za cas :)
    ale uplne sa zhodneme.
    pod na giveaway :)


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