Stripes and crop


Few days ago I went shopping, I actually was on the mission to buy some present for my family. We are going home for 2 weeks this Saturday. Can not wait. Hurray. So anyway, as I was browsing around the shops I found this sweater, I was looking for something interesting, so when I saw this one I could imagine to wear it any time with everything. What do you think? How would you wear it? And how do you wear yours crop tops?

Pred par dnami som isla na nakupy, mala som vlastne specialnu misiu, najst nejake pekne darceky pre moju rodinu. V sobotu ideme domov na 2 tyzdne. Huraaa, uz sa neviem dockat. Takze, ked som sa prechadzala po obchodoch a hladala nieco pekne, nasla som tento sveter, hladala som nieco zaujimave, takze ked som videla tento, hned som si ho predstavila ze ho mozem mat obleceny s hocicim. A co si myslite vy? S cim by ste si ho obliekli vy? A ako nosite vy vase crop topy?


I was wearing:

Sweater and Shirt by H&M
Jeans by Zara
Glasses by D&G


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